TTTR5 130mm Vent Controller: Kamado Incl 2"Band


TTTR5 130mm Vent Controller: Kamado Incl 2"Band


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Product Description

TipTopTemp® Big Green Egg compatible model, an attachable grill temperature regulator, turns any kettle type grill into a smoker. The TipTopTemp® has a five-inch diameter base, a three-inch diameter second stage and is about three inches tall.

The grill temperature regulator uses bi-metal coils to control airflow to the kettle.  The dial  on top of the TipTopTemp® allows for grillers to customize the airflow. No batteries or wires, just simple temperature control.

Here is how the TipTopTemp works.

The bi-metal coil moves the damper when the temperature changes. As the exhaust warms the coil it will shut the damper. As the coals cool, the coil will open the damper allowing more air to enter and the coals to get hot. The cycle will repeat keeping the desired temperature.

Although designed originally for the Weber kettle, it is being used on the Big Steel Keg, Big Green Egg, Akorn and others. Some additional products have been used by the customers to secure the TipTopTemp® to the grill.  Check out our shop to see options we offer or check relevant forums for "hacks" to get the TipTopTemp® working on other grill types. You are currently looking at the  Big Green Egg compatible model.

The USA made T3 is made of heavy gauge plated steel and has a hardwood knob. The all-new wooden knob can be personalized with a graduated decal or favorite temperature marked by the customer. The T3 can be used as a single 3 inch internal diameter  or 5 inch outside diameter assembled unit with a twist, locking the two pieces together. The only difference between the packages is the included accessory. Each package has the same TipTopTemp device.

TipTopTemp® Big Green Egg compatible model (Ceramic 5R)  is a prepackaged TipTopTemp and includes a 2" wide high temp silicone band to bridge the union of the 5" chimney and the TTT.
Designed for the  Big Green Egg .

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