BBQ Pro is the New Zealand’s home for everything Charcoal BBQ, catering for pitmasters and beginners alike. With roots that lie deep in the New Zealand BBQ community, we are driven to see our growing community thrive.

Across our team, we’ve cooked on just about every Charcoal BBQ there is, and played with nearly every accessory under the sun. We like to think this combined experience has given us a pretty good idea of what the ideal charcoal BBQ kit is. Everything that is on our website, we cook with ourselves on the weekends.

The Charcoal Revolution

With roots lying in the US, the first modern charcoal grill was invented in Illinois in 1952. Offering a truly unique flavour and cooking experience, charcoal barbecues have been a mainstay of the American backyard ever since.

Though we’ve always had dedicated charcoal enthusiasts in New Zealand, the community has seen fantastic growth in the last decade. As kiwis continue to discover the incredible flavour and experience that charcoal bbq has to offer, we’re finding more and more people keen to get stuck in. 

That’s why we started BBQ Pro. Our mates were coming to us asking how to get started and what kit they needed, and we realised that this was happening all over the country. To do our part, we’ve hand-picked the best brands and are selling them directly to kiwis for awesome prices. Every BBQ we sell is a new member of our community, and that’s why we do it!

To support all of this, we’ve also partnered with the New Zealand Barbecue Alliance, an awesome group of like minded people chasing the same goals for our community.

So next time you find yourself being guided by your nose walking through a BBQ Competition, just look out for the BBQ Pro stand and come say hi!

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