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PureQ "Atlas" Heavy Grill Lifter $22.95
Say goodbye to frustrating BBQing with PureQ's Atlas Heavy Grill Lifter! Forget all the hassle of trying to remove your cooking grates with a spatula or tongs - just grab the grill lifter when you're ready to clean up. Have fun grilling! Highlights: Suitable for Broil King's cast iron and stainless-steel cooking grids with two tines, hot or cold Black resin handle to protect you from heat Easily cleaned The technical: Made with stainless steel, heat resistant, non-stick Size: 27.5cm (L) x 3.5cm (W) Weight: 148g
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Beach Burn" Portable Over Fire Grill $89.95
It's just like your favourite grill, except it folds up flat so you can fit it in the bag and carry it with you wherever you go. What more can you ask for? Made durable with stainless steel. Highlights: Easy storage and portable: folds up for compact storage and easy transport Includes a storage bag Suitable for BBQ, picnic, camping and more Easy to use: simply unfold the legs and place them down. The stainless steel legs are angled to hold weight with maximum stability. Large size making it versatile to cook all sorts of foods Round corners for safety Easy to clean with non-stick coating The technical: Grate made with stainless steel Size: 43.5cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 14.5cm (H) Weight: 1.43kg
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PureQ "Braai Basket" Stainless Grill Flipper W' Wooden Handle $49.95
Just keep flipping your barbecue cuts with this solid stainless steel grill flipping basket with folding handle.The Braai grill flipper is suitable for cooking vegetables, ribs, butterfly chicken, sausages, pork belly and of course, Boerewors over wood, charcoal or gas barbecues. Heat-resistant and folding wooden handle.Basket size 310 x 240 x 40mm
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Camp Free" Portable Open Fire Tripod $59.95
Set it up, cook some food, and sit down for a good time. This Camp Free Tri is easy to install and built for maximum stability outdoors, perfect for camping. Highlight: Adjustable height to suit all your needs Includes a storage bag Easy to assemble and store: fold into compact size into the bag Lightweight and portable Durable and eco-friendly The technical: Tripod material: aluminium alloy Storage bag material: 6000D oxford fabric Load capacity: maximum 5kg Height (when assembled): 80cm Weight: 450g
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Deck Mate" Circular Deck protector $89.95
The perfect solution for hot summer nights! The heat and tear resistant Circular Deck Protector helps to keep your deck, patio or grass safe from burns by reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat away from the heat source! Can be folded or rolled up for easy storage. Hot tip: don't put heat source directly on the mat! Make sure there is at least 10mm of space (leg height) between the two! Time for the technical: Three layers: aluminium foil, silica gel, glass fibre cloth High temperature resistance: up to 1800°F Diameter: 90cm Thickness: 0.43mm - 1.0mm Weight: 1.27kg
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Gamma" Infrared Temp Gun $79.95
PureQ delivers the lazer gun you've always wanted - our very own IR (infrared) thermometer. Unlike your average stormtrooper, the PUREQ IR never misses; delivering immediate & accurate surface reads so you can up your BBQ or cooking game anytime, anywhere. Highlights: - Quick and efficient: you just press the trigger and let the laser do the work, it will show the temperature accurately with very short response time- Laser show: great distance-spot ratio ( 12 : 1 ) offers accurate results for longer distance compared with other thermometers- look but don't touch: Measure the surface temperature without any contact needed- Pistol-shape: Bring out your inner Bond with our pistol-shape design making it easy and comfortable to hold- Light it up: Backlit display makes for an easy read in any condition - Night & Day- Unit conversion: it supports Centigrade and Fahrenheit conversion to meet different requirements- Power up: it just needs one 9V batteries for power & gives a warning when running low- Power down: Automatic on/off for added convenience Specifications: Temp Range -50 ~ 380 ° C Accuracy:  ± 1.0 ° C Distance: 12m Emissivity 0.10 ~ 1.00 (adjustable) Response time 500 MS Laser target ABS Material Auto Power Off Read Time: under 1s Low Battery alert Auto Power Off Dimension 75 * 145 * 50 mm Weight 105 g Battery type 9V heavy duty battery (1 provided) One year warranty
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Gemini" Dual Probe Instant Read Thermometer $79.95
We’ve got a step above from our much loved “SOLO” Meat thermometer with the NEW No2 ‘Gemini"‘ Dual probe thermometer. Giving you an additional corded probe (100cm cable length) on top of our iconic fold-out probe, so you can constantly measure the temperature as it cooks. Let’s get Technical: Accuracy +/- 0.1C Auto on and off with inactivity Customisable Temperature Alarm Food Safety 304 Stainless Steel Eco-Friendly ABS Plastic Internal Magnet for mounting Backlight function Power source: 3V Button Battery (included in box) Measuring Range: -50C to 300C FDA Certified so you get everything you want in your food, and nothing you don’t.
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "HotFuzz" Heat Resistant Nomex BBQ Gloves $49.95
Get deep into your BBQ without feeling the burn. The PureQ Hot Fuzz BBQ gloves provide protection against the elements with the same Nomex material used by professional Firefighters. Highlights: Heat Resistant to 500C Only the best; Pro-Grade Nomex protective coating. Cotton lining; We’re all about comfort. Flexible; so you can grab what you need when you need it. 2 Gloves in the pack (Left & Right)
PureQ "Hulk" Stainless Burger Smasher $49.95
Are you hungry yet? Build a burger like you're in the fast lane - this durable SS Burger Smasher from PureQ will bring your grilling time down to a smokin' pace. The stainless steel design will give you a flat surface to get the best caramelisation and crisp from your smash burgers. The technical: Wooden, heat resistant handle Made with stainless steel Size: 14cm (L) x 14cm (W)
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Injector" Meat Marinade Injector $14.95
Add the perfect amount of juiciness and flavour with PureQ's durable, lightweight, Meat Marinade Injector. Precisely control the amount of seasoning for your flavour. Grill, inject, and grill some more! Highlights: Multi-purpose: suitable for BBQ, grilling or roasting, indoors or outdoors Lightweight: easy to carry Durable: stainless steel needle integrated with pinholes to avoid blockages, rust and breakage Accurate measurement: clear scales in two measurements (ml and oz) for easier control Small: easy operation with one hand Easy to clean: can be dismantled and installed easily. Equipped with cleaning brush to keep the syringe needle clean and long-lasting The technical: Material: plastic + stainless steel needle Length of injector: 17.5cm Weight: 90g
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Juggernaut" BBQ Grill Brush Bristle-less $49.95
An unstoppable force; the Juggernaut fears no grill residue in its path. Designed to be Food-safe, so you don’t have to worry about getting bristles in your grill or in your food post-cleaning. Built with a stainless steel scraper and wire combo. 12 Months Manufacturing warranty.
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Lil' Pig" BBQ Pigtail Meat Flipper $29.95
You are going to flip for this Lil' Pig BBQ Pigtail Flipper from PureQ! This meat flipper is a must for all grill masters, allowing you to flip, turn and move your food with ease with its ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in your palm. The sharp pig tail hook makes it suitable for all kinds of meat or vegetable of your choice, the possibilities are unlimited! Easily cleaned with non-stick design. Built to last with stainless steel. The technical: Made with stainless steel metal and plastic handle Heat resistant, non-stick Size: 42.5cm Weight: 150g
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Man O' War 2" Wireless Through Lid BBQ Thermometer $139.95
Introducing the PureQ ‘Man ‘o War Wireless Smart thermometer - for both ambient temperature (from through the lid) and probe. Inspiration taken from the Portuguese Man O’ War, our Man O' War visible on top but all the business is down below. Simply secure your device to the top of your BBQ for Accurate ambient temperatures and attach probes (1.5m long) for food temp; All delivered straight to your smartphone. The technical: Includes: 1x smart device, 2x food probes (Capacity for up to 4) 1x ambient probe (built in the device - through the BBQ hood). IP64 Waterproof design (And easily removable for safe keeping) Smartphone connectivity up to 50m range 0-300*C Food Temp range 0-500*C Ambient Temp range Ready meat alarm Black-lit display Accuracy +/- 1*C AAA Battery (2 required, not included) 1 year warranty
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Narwhal" Skewers - Simple [U Shaped] $29.95
Perfect your skewering skills and up your BBQ game with these U-shaped, durable skewers for your next BBQ. These skewers are perfect for roasting mouth-watering wings, sausages, or anything you prefer! Highlights: Effortless clean: smooth surface and dishwasher safe Includes storage bag: easy to store and carry The technical: Includes: 6x u-shaped skewers, 12x skewer head caps, 1x storage bag Material: durable, stainless-steel metal that's anti-rust, corrosion resistant, and high temperature resistant Length of skewer: 30.5cm Weight: 227g/set
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Ninja" Wood Handle Hibachi Skewers $49.95
Transform your summer cookout into the ultimate fun experience with PureQ's Wood Handle Hibachi Skewer. The U-shaped skewers are designed to prevent food from spinning and moving, making them perfect for masterchef style cooking. Highlights: Non-slip and flat prong design to prevent food from rotating or sliding Non-slip wooden handles to protect your hands from heat, and for better hold and control of your food Well-polished, thick skewers for safety and cooking sizeable foods without bending the skewer Non-stick design: easy to clean Equipped with storage bag Lightweight and portable, perfect for outdoor The technical: Total length: 42cm The metal fork is made to last with premium stainless steel, reusable, rust proof and heat resistant Weight: 550g/set

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