PureQ "Hulk" Stainless Burger Smasher $49.95
Are you hungry yet? Build a burger like you're in the fast lane - this durable SS Burger Smasher from PureQ will bring your grilling time down to a smokin' pace. The stainless steel design will give you a flat surface to get the best caramelisation and crisp from your smash burgers. The technical: Wooden, heat resistant handle Made with stainless steel Size: 14cm (L) x 14cm (W)
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "HotFuzz" Heat Resistant Nomex BBQ Gloves $49.95
Get deep into your BBQ without feeling the burn. The PureQ Hot Fuzz BBQ gloves provide protection against the elements with the same Nomex material used by professional Firefighters. Highlights: Heat Resistant to 500C Only the best; Pro-Grade Nomex protective coating. Cotton lining; We’re all about comfort. Flexible; so you can grab what you need when you need it. 2 Gloves in the pack (Left & Right)
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Sticks" Kebab Skewers Deluxe [40cm] $39.95
Become one step closer to a grill master with the new PureQ's Kebab Skewers Deluxe set. Grill effortlessly and no more stressing about having your meat stuck with conventional skewers. Highlights: Easy to clean: built-in sliders so you can remove your cooked foods in a breeze Keep food in place: flat shaped skewers making sure your food only rotates when you tell them to Vertically hang with the integrated hooks Includes storage bag: easy to store and carry The technical: Includes: 6x skewers, 1x storage bag 100% stainless steel Non-stick, heat resistant Angled design tip: ~15° Length of skewer: 35.2cm Weight of each skewer: 60g
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Rawhide" High Temp Leather BBQ Gloves $49.95
PureQ Rawhide High temp leather BBQ Gloves PureQ Rawhide high temp leather BBQ Gloves are great for dealing with your charcoal BBQ when you don't want to get burnt! Clear blue skies, chillibin filled with drinks and BBQ ready to go is the best way to spend a day. You’re heating the BBQ with a juicy brisket waiting to be cooked when you realize: how am I going to re-arrange the coals?Neither dish-washing gloves or oven mitts will suffice. Only BBQ gloves will save the day and your hands. It’s vital to invest in a pair of sturdy gloves and, luckily, there is a pair suited for every type of BBQ cooking. Perfect for avoiding pesky sparks and spits from your charcoal as well as reaching into your grill! Perfect for use with the Pit Barrel & Bronco Smokers The more you wear them, the more comfortable and easy to use they get. Rawhide gloves are heavy duty leather, long, grilling gloves with extra soft linings that fit securely. The soft lining provides an extra layer of protection when you need to focus on getting your cook right. Clever, multifunctional and easy to maintain Every barbecue benefits from the addition of PureQ Rawhide leather gloves. Genuine full leather, soft lining, stitched PureQ Logo and reinforced stitching ensure that when you are handling hot stuff, your hands remain safely cool, capable of the tough/hot jobs and most importantly, they're comfortable. These heat-resistant pit gloves are sold as a pair, one size fits most. PureQ Rawhide High temp leather BBQ Gloves are perfect for quickly moving hot coals and burning wood during your cook. You can also use them to lift grills, deflectors and charcoal baskets. Available here and from your favourite BBQ retailers across New Zealand.
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Ninja" Wood Handle Hibachi Skewers $49.95
Transform your summer cookout into the ultimate fun experience with PureQ's Wood Handle Hibachi Skewer. The U-shaped skewers are designed to prevent food from spinning and moving, making them perfect for masterchef style cooking. Highlights: Non-slip and flat prong design to prevent food from rotating or sliding Non-slip wooden handles to protect your hands from heat, and for better hold and control of your food Well-polished, thick skewers for safety and cooking sizeable foods without bending the skewer Non-stick design: easy to clean Equipped with storage bag Lightweight and portable, perfect for outdoor The technical: Total length: 42cm The metal fork is made to last with premium stainless steel, reusable, rust proof and heat resistant Weight: 550g/set
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Narwhal" Skewers - Simple [U Shaped] $29.95
Perfect your skewering skills and up your BBQ game with these U-shaped, durable skewers for your next BBQ. These skewers are perfect for roasting mouth-watering wings, sausages, or anything you prefer! Highlights: Effortless clean: smooth surface and dishwasher safe Includes storage bag: easy to store and carry The technical: Includes: 6x u-shaped skewers, 12x skewer head caps, 1x storage bag Material: durable, stainless-steel metal that's anti-rust, corrosion resistant, and high temperature resistant Length of skewer: 30.5cm Weight: 227g/set
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Lil' Pig" BBQ Pigtail Meat Flipper $29.95
You are going to flip for this Lil' Pig BBQ Pigtail Flipper from PureQ! This meat flipper is a must for all grill masters, allowing you to flip, turn and move your food with ease with its ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in your palm. The sharp pig tail hook makes it suitable for all kinds of meat or vegetable of your choice, the possibilities are unlimited! Easily cleaned with non-stick design. Built to last with stainless steel. The technical: Made with stainless steel metal and plastic handle Heat resistant, non-stick Size: 42.5cm Weight: 150g
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Juggernaut" BBQ Grill Brush Bristle-less $49.95
An unstoppable force; the Juggernaut fears no grill residue in its path. Designed to be Food-safe, so you don’t have to worry about getting bristles in your grill or in your food post-cleaning. Built with a stainless steel scraper and wire combo. 12 Months Manufacturing warranty.
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Injector" Meat Marinade Injector $14.95
Add the perfect amount of juiciness and flavour with PureQ's durable, lightweight, Meat Marinade Injector. Precisely control the amount of seasoning for your flavour. Grill, inject, and grill some more! Highlights: Multi-purpose: suitable for BBQ, grilling or roasting, indoors or outdoors Lightweight: easy to carry Durable: stainless steel needle integrated with pinholes to avoid blockages, rust and breakage Accurate measurement: clear scales in two measurements (ml and oz) for easier control Small: easy operation with one hand Easy to clean: can be dismantled and installed easily. Equipped with cleaning brush to keep the syringe needle clean and long-lasting The technical: Material: plastic + stainless steel needle Length of injector: 17.5cm Weight: 90g
PureQ PureQ
PureQ "Braai Basket" Stainless Grill Flipper W' Wooden Handle $49.95
Just keep flipping your barbecue cuts with this solid stainless steel grill flipping basket with folding handle.The Braai grill flipper is suitable for cooking vegetables, ribs, butterfly chicken, sausages, pork belly and of course, Boerewors over wood, charcoal or gas barbecues. Heat-resistant and folding wooden handle.Basket size 310 x 240 x 40mm

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