PureQ Premium Coco-Shell Charcoal Briquettes - 1 Pallet (70 Boxes)

$2,545.50 $3,496.50 -28% OFF

PureQ Premium Coco-Shell Charcoal Briquettes - 1 Pallet (70 Boxes)

$2,545.50 $3,496.50 -28% OFF

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Product Description

Yes, that's right! An entire Pallet load, 70 x 10kg boxes of premium quality Coco-Shell Charcoal Briquettes.

Save almost $1000 while stocks last.

Shipping available nationwide.

Manufactured from sustainably sourced coconut shell by-product of oil and pulp manufacture PureQ Charcoal briquettes are are hot, long burning charcoal that emit very low smoke.

Coconut Shell Charcoal is carbon produced by strongly heating coconut shell in minimal oxygen which removes water and volatile constituents. Coconut shell charcoal burns at a higher temperature than wood, it does not emit smoke, it is hard to find a visible flame and coconut shell charcoal releases only heat energy. Coconut shell charcoal burns for a longer duration and has high calorific value. It is natural and is renewable.


  • Made from 100% pure Coconut Shell by-product
  • Manufactured with Natural organic binders (Tapioca)
  • Smokeless while cooking
  • Odorless
  • Burns with High Energy – Emits only heat
  • Burns for  longer duration than comparable charcoals
  • Eco Friendly– renewable resource
  • Uniform heat
  • No spark while burning

PureQ Pillow Shaped Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

  • Size 50x50x25 mm
  • Shape Pillow shape
  • Fixed Carbon 70% to 85%
  • Volatile Matter 12% to 18%
  • Ash content 4% to 8%
  • Moisture Below 5%
  • Gross Calorific Value Above 6000 Kcal / Kg
  • 10Kg box

NOTE: Some briquettes may include thin coconut fibres in the finished product – these are not plastic or harmful and will add to the quality of burn.

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