Whiskey Peach Pork Loin

Whiskey Peach Pork Loin
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You've had a Pork Loin.. but we can bet you haven't had a Pork Loin like this! Check out this Whiskey Peach infused Pork Loin and let your tastebuds enjoy!

Steven’s Smokehouse



  • pork loin 3-4 lbs

  • Pit Barrel® All Purpose Rub


  • 2 oz simply peach juice

  • 2oz Crown Royal peach whiskey

  • ¼ c HowToBBQRight vinegar sauce

  • ¼ c brown sugar


  1. Light your Pit Barrel® according to lighting instructions.

  2. Prepare the Pork Loin by removing excess fat. If your pork loin is larger, cut it in half.

  3. Inject Pork Loin with the Simply Peach Juice using a meat injector. (1-2 inches apart of injections.) *Try to inject at a downward angle from where you're going to place the Pit Barrel® Stainless Steel Meat Hooks.

  4. Season with Pit Barrel® All Purpose Rub. Make sure to get all the sides and pat in the rub.

  5. Allow the rub to adhere to the meat for 15-20 minutes while your Pit Barrel® is prepared.

  6. Place one hook in Pork Loin. Place on the rebar in the Pit Barrel® Cooker.

  7. Add all Crown Royal Peach Glaze ingredients to pan. Bring ingredients to a light simmer whisking occasionally.

  8. Remove the Pork Loin from the Pit Barrel® once it hits an internal temperature of 130° - 135° degrees internal in the center part of the meat.

  9. Glaze the Pork Loin with the Crown Royal Peach Glaze. Make sure to get all the sides as well. Save remaining glaze for dipping.

  10. Place the Pork Loin back on the Pit Barrel to finish cooking until it reaches an internal temperature between 135°-145° degrees.

  11. Remove from Pit Barrel®, rest for 15 minutes, and slice.

  12. Dip in the leftover Crown Royal Peach Glaze and enjoy!


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