Tomahawk Steak Ribeye

Tomahawk Steak Ribeye
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The giant Tomahawk Steak is one of the most visually impressive cuts of meat that money can buy. It's carved from the beef rib which is the same primal section as any other ribeye. It’s a very thick steak cut from ribs 6-12 on the rib primal with the extra-long rib bone left intact. Due to the impressive size, one may ask how to cook a tomahawk steak? There are many options such as reverse sear, cast iron skillet or some may recommend that you sear your tomahawk and then place it on a baking sheet for the oven treatment. The options are endless.

We recommend that you use your charcoal grill or smoker to hang this masterpiece. There’s nothing more badass than drilling a hole in the end of the bone and pull a hook through so the cut of meat can be hung in the center of action in your preferred drum smoker or barrel cooker. It’s an experience in itself to watch the smoke surround the steak with the unique 360º all-around heat dynamic technology.

For best results, make sure the tomahawk steak is at room temperature before you start cooking. It’s never a bad idea to invest in a meat thermometer to make sure you pull it at perfect medium rare. It will come out smoking hot when the steak reaches its ideal internal temperature (we recommend 125º) so set time aside to let the steaks rest before serving to keep the juices in the meat.

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  • Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks

  • Beef & Game Pit Rub


  1. Using a drill, make a 1/4″-3/8″ hole near the end of each bone at a 45° angle.

  2. Light your Pit Barrel® according to the instructions.

  3. Coat the tomahawk(s) liberally with Beef & Game Pit Rub.

  4. Place the hook(s) through the drilled hole(s), and hang in your Pit Barrel®.

  5. Offset the lid of your Pit Barrel® about 1/4″ to increase heat.

  6. Monitor the temperature of the meat (we recommend the ThermoWorks Smoke). Cook times will vary based on thickness and desired internal temperature. We recommend 120°-125° F for a nice medium rare.

  7. Once the desired temperature is reached, or just before, remove the tomahawks from your Pit Barrel® and allow to rest for approximately 10 minutes.

  8. Slice to serve.



You may think that you have to empty your wallet to buy USDA Prime graded meat to get the perfect steak but no need to worry - the unique technology of the Pit Barrel® will ensure that USDA Select and USDA Choice will all come out leaving anyone trying it speechless.

You may think that regular old salt and pepper is the best seasoning for your steaks, but we disagree. The Beef & Game Pit Rub is specially formulated for a deep and delicious flavor that will elevate the experience of the already badass-looking steak that you are planning on serving for your guest or at your next home cooking adventure.

If you're looking to cook a tomahawk steak with smoked or grilled sides, then you're at the right place. By using the best-selling hinged grate you can hang the steak in the side of the grill while cooking your sides on the grate.

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