Beef Dino Ribs

Beef Dino Ribs
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You've had Ribs, but have you had Beef DINO Ribs? Check out this recipe and give it a try on your Pit Barrel® Cooker!

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  • rack of beef dino ribs

  • worcestershire sauce

  • Pit Barrel® beef & game pit rub

  • course black pepper


  1. Trim excess fat and sinew from the top of the Beef Ribs.

  2. Spread Worcestershire Sauce on the top of the Beef Ribs as a binder.

  3. Season the all sides with the Pit Barrel® Beef and Game Rub and Coarse Black Pepper.

  4. Pat the Rub and Pepper in and allow the seasoning to adhere to the meat.

  5. Light Pit Barrel® Cooker according to lighting instructions . For additional flavor, Add a chunk of Hickory wood.

  6. Once your Pit Barrel® Cooker is ready, place two hooks in the Beef Ribs. Place one hook through the meat side of one side of the ribs. Place the second hook through the bone side of the opposite side of the ribs. Hang from the rebar and close the lid on your Pit Barrel®.

  7. Let Beef Ribs cook until the bark has developed. Typically the bark is finished developing on the Ribs when they reach around an internal temperature of 170°-180° degrees.

  8. Once bark has developed, remove from the Pit Barrel®, wrap in Pink Butcher Paper and place back on the smoker to finish cooking.

  9. Continue to cook until the ribs reach an internal temperature of 202° degrees and the meat thermometer slides in with almost no resistance.

  10. Rest the ribs for 1 hour and cut into individual bone sections for serving.

  11. Enjoy!


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